Services Offered

Distribution Equipment Laboratory performs:

  • short-time withstand current and peak withstand current tests of switchgear and switching devices up to 550 kV:
    - in three-phase circuit up to 31,5 kA/3s,
    - in single-phase circuit up to 63 kA/2s,
  • making and breaking tests of circuit-breakers, switches and switch-fuse combinations up to 36 kV,
  • making and breaking tests of disconnectors and earthing switches up to 550 kV,
  • breaking tests of current-limiting fuses and expulsion fuses up to 24 kV,
  • internal arc tests of MV switchgears and HV/LV prefabricated substations,
  • dynamic ability to withstand short-circuit tests of distribution transformers up to 36 kV and special up to 120 kV,
  • short-circuit tests of surge arresters up to 110 kV,
  • AC power arc tests of insulators sets up to 420 kV,
  • short-time current tests of current and combined transformers up to 145 kV,
  • short-circuit withstand capability of voltage and combined transformers up to 145 kV,
  • mechanical operation tests of switches, switch-fuse combinations, disconnectors and earthing switches,
  • mechanical tests of current, voltage and combined transformers,
  • mechanical shock tests on fuses,
  • short-time current tests of rectifier groups (transformer + rectifier),
  • cable spike tests,
  • time-current characteristics of current-limiting fuses up to 24 kV.