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IEn's Thermal Technology Branch „ITC” in Łódź awarded for its scientific activities

2019 / 01 / 03

During the gala of the XIth conference held in Licheń "Renovations and Maintenance in Power Engineering", the director of IEn's Thermal Technology Branch „ITC” in Łódź, Jacek Karczewski (PhD) was awarded for the scientific activity of the Branch for the benefit of the Polish energy sector. The award was presented by Adam Grzeszczuk, president of the BMP Publishing House on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of IEn's  ITC Branch.

Thermal Technology Branch „ITC” in Łódź is a continuator of the Institute of Thermal Technology, which in 2008 was included in the structure of the Institute of Power Engineering. This year, it celebrates the 70th anniversary of the existence and 10th anniversary of functioning within the framework of IEn.

On this occasion, in 7/2018 issue of the journal "Energetyka Cieplna i Zawodowa", there was also published an extensive interview with the Director of ITC IEn entitled „Nie tworzymy prac na półkę”.

Karczewski J., Nie tworzymy prac na półkę, Energetyka Cieplna i Zawodowa 7/2018 (712),10-13, Wydawca BMP (ISSN 1734-7823)



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