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MAP – Measuring Apparatus Laboratory

The Measuring Apparatus Laboratory provides services in the field of measuring instruments calibration for the following parameters: temperature, pressure, electrical parameters of DC and low frequency current and humidity.

The Laboratory applies a management system in accordance with the requirements of PN - EN 17025 norm. The accredited measurement procedures are respected. The Laboratory is accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation (certificate of the accreditation No  AP 013).

Calibration certificates are characterized by measurement traceability (a reference to the patterns of higher order), calibration method and calibration uncertainties. According to PN-EN 17025 p. calibration certificate issued by the accredited laboratory confirms the calibration results.

Measurements are conducted both in-site and out-site the Laboratory. The Laboratory has got accreditation for measuring instruments certification out of the Laboratory's seat..

If necessary, the Laboratory can provide measurement and calibration of devices in the place of their operation, what significantly shortens the time necessary for conducting all testing activities. It is particularly important while monitoring the environmental conditions in factories, warehouses and cold stores.  The laboratory can also realise the client's order concerning preparing of periodical (for instance daily) reports of temperature and humidity variation inside objects (pharmaceutical or food warehouses, cold storages, ovens, or other objects). Determining of the temperature distribution in a unit is also included in the Laboratory offer.

The Laboratory can also provide a validation of control and measurement instruments. The validation reports developed by the Laboratory include also the unit suitability assessment, tailored to the client's needs.  If needed, the Laboratory employees are able to conduct the necessary adjustments. 

The head of the laboratory is Roman Witkowski, MSc.