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EWN – High Voltage Department

The High Voltage Department conducts research, measurements and expertise of equipment exposed to high voltage.

The Department consists of two laboratories – High Voltage Laboratory and Insulators Research Laboratory. The High Voltage Laboratory is accredited by the Polish Accreditation Centre (PCA) for high-voltage tests - lightning impulse withstand voltage tests (up to 4.5 MV) and switching impulse withstand voltage tests (to 2.8 MV), AC and DC voltage tests (up to 1 MV) and DC voltage tests (up to 200 kV) and measurements of radio frequency interference. The Laboratory also offers tests performance beyond the scope of accreditation. The Insulators Research Laboratory offers both voltage tests and mechanical tests.


The Department provides:

  • inspection and tests in the area of Polish and international organizations standards, including IEEE, Std and GOST
  • studies, measurements and special tests specified by the customer,
  • expert works and analysis of high voltage issues as well as all kinds of insulators and of OPGW cables,
  • comparative analysis with other laboratories operating in similar areas.
High Voltage Laboratory Building

The Department’s staff consists of high qualified, experienced  researchers and technicians. The High Voltage Laboratory has the largest in Poland high voltage laboratory building (50x50x30m) with full technical facilities necessary for loading and assembly test facilities. The Insulators Research Laboratory has equipment that allows to perform voltage and mechanical tests in different environmental conditions. The Department’s testing and measurement equipment is regularly monitored and calibrated.

The Department’s research infrastructure is a unique set of testing equipment in Poland and Europe. There are not many research centers in Europe (CESI –Italy and KEMA – the Netherlands) possessing similar research installations.

The head of the Department is Joanna Czupryńska.