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DZE - Experts Group

The Experts Group in engaged in activities concerning the following areas:

  • analysis of thermal phenomena and vibration occurring in synchronous generators
  • diagnosis of technical conditions of turbo- and hydrogenerators
  • design and manufacture of complex, automated systems of synchronous generators technical diagnostic
  • determining the load limits of turbogeneratos
  • design and assessment of new technical solutions, enabling the operation of turbogenerators in unusual conditions;
  • supervising of turbogenerator implementation for an investors
  • measurements of physical parameters of synchronous machines installed in power plants.  

The Group conducts experimental study of electrical machines, implementation of the developed diagnostic methods, measurements and analysis of values of electrical and mechanical parameters of synchronous machines, expertise of electrical machines failures, technical consulting, designing and manufacturing of diagnostic equipment.  

The Experts Group is an interdisciplinary group of professionals from different fields (the Institute of Power Engineering, Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science of Lodz  University of Technology, Alitec and Thermolab companies).