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CUE – Power Engineering Equipment Research Department

The Power Engineering Equipment Research Department (CUE) investigates thermal processes which are not only aimed at industrial power plants but also include tests of small boilers and heating equipment. The Department conducts various pioneering research, for instance, engineering projects, development activities, certification process or coordinates implementation and control in the energy sector and in many related areas. CUE is the only body  in Poland authorized and notified in this area. It provides a wide range of conformity assessment and conformity marking (CE mark) services for both domestic and international manufacturers. 16 people are employed in the Department which consists of two laboratories being accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.

The scope of the research:

• Technical analysis, assessment and certification furnaces, heaters and other power appliances are within CUE’s power to do conformity assessment and conformity marking

• Designing boilers, appliances and heating systems, fittings and preparing technical documentation

• The combustion of alternative fuels and waste and also researching and designing of equipment

Research methodology:

The laboratories have implemented quality systems in accordance with the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and PKN-CEN/TS 15675:2009 standard. Testing procedures and methods are based on the mandatory standards. Our laboratories carry out tests and measurements of the following heating devices:

- Boilers

- Air preheaters

- Steel and ceramic accumulative room heaters

- Portable metal furnaces, kitchens and fireplaces fired by solid fuel

- Burners fired pellets and other biomass fuels

- Biomass and pellet’s burners


- measurements of the heating medium parameters

- measurements of exhaust parameters: the temperature, the chemical composition

- measurements of gaseous emissions and dust in offgases

- temperature and gas composition measurements

- testing the efficiency of boilers