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CPE - Department of Hightemperature Electrochemical Processes

Main tasks of IEn’s Department of High Temperature Electrochemical Processes (CPE/HiTEP) include scientific, development, design, service, implementation and control works in power engineering and related sectors of economy, in particular in the area of:

  • solid-state fuel cells,
  • high-temperature electrolysis,
  • solutions in the field of power-to-gas/power-to-liquid,
  • CO2 sequestration and management systems,
  • power generation from solid, liquid and gaseous fuels in electrochemical processes,
  • ceramic membranes for the separation of oxygen, storage of electricity, heat and other forms,
  • numerical calculations and computer simulations of electrochemical and chemical processes as well as power installations,
  • design and construction of energy systems,
  • technical consulting in the field of new energy techniques.

Jakub Kupecki (PhD) is the head of the Department.