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Kupecki J., Jewulski J., Milewski J.

Multi-level mathematical modeling of solid oxide fuel cells

Clean Energy for Better Environment (InTech, Croatia, 2012, 53-85), ISBN: 978-953-51-0822-1

Kupecki J., Milewski J., Badyda K., Jewulski J.

Numerical Analysis of Characteristics of a Micro-CHP Unit with Different Planar SOFCs

Poster, Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition, Uncasville, USA (2012)

Kupecki J., Milewski J., Jewulski J.

A numerical and experimental investigation of a SOFC properties influence on a micro-scale power unit

Proc. & Poster, Fuel Cell 2012 Science and Technology - A Grove Fuel Cell Event, Berlin, Germany (2012)